4 Finger Puffy Paws (1 colour, fleece pads, fleece or satin claws, lined) £75

5 Finger Flat Paws (1 colour, fleece pads, no claws, lined) £50


Minky or lycra pads/claws +£5

Colours or Patterns

Simple +£15

Complex +£25




(single colour, nylon or elastic belt loops, tail pillow, hidden zip)

Small (6″-12″) £40+

Medium (12″-32″) £70+

Long (32″-48″) £100+

Extra Long (48″-72″) £130+


Unusual shape +£25

Tail base detail +£15

Non-fur accents Price to be discussed

Colours or Patterns

Simple +£15 (small and medium) +£30 (long and extra long)

Complex +£25 (small and medium) +£40 (long and extra long)


All prices based on fur value of £30-40 per metre, the use of more expensive furs will increase the price of the commission. Please contact for any extras not listed on this page. Prices for tails are based on minimum length for each category.